A meal to remember

When I was a child, I did not want to eat. In high school, I hid my uneaten lunch in different places of my bedroom at the end of the day. My parents did not find the humor in my excuses for the leftover sandwiches behind the curtains. My main excuse was “I just wasn’t hungry.” Oh, I was hungry all right… just not for the various lunch meals my parents packed for me. I do remember how much I loved when we had nachos for lunch. The thought of dipping the tortillas in the gooey cheesy dip made my mouth water. Then there were the days of beef tacos for lunch. Sure, it was messy, but I saw it as a lunch challenge. I was an African girl who loved eating Mexican food. In college, my classmates and I would rush to the local Taco Time and order a meal to go. I would go between the crispy beef burrito and the beef hard taco. That and the tater tots would just make my day. When Oscar Myer Lunchables came out with Nachos packs, I was so happy. As an adult, it was mini meals in a dash with my favorite foods Ham and Cheese, Chicken nuggets, and of course my nachos. It was a match made in heaven. Then they added Capri Sun or Hawaiian Punch. I was overjoyed. When I went to grocery and found that they were making various meals in small packs I was excited. Finally, they were making food that I wanted to eat in sizes that fit my appetite.

Based on A food that reminds you of your youth.