Journal entry from 2004.


I miss sleeping in on weekends. Snuggling up in my blanket. Dreaming about what may come day after day. Having someone call you to wake up and you turning around and sleeping. God I miss those days of sweet childhood. When you had no real responsibilities. I work Tuesday through Saturday with no complaints. Drag myself to church on Sundays trying to stay awake. Someday, in my wildest dreams, I live in a cozy apartment feeling like a queen/princess with conveniences at my hands reach. Yeah someday, I won’t worry about walking 2 blocks that take 5 minutes and waiting on a bus. Sitting like a sardine squished from other bodies. I’m just so tired. Been up almost 8 hours without a break (except for coffees and lunch). Well better, get ready for round 2! <3 you lots! Mahlet Sebhat Tenna (MST)

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