My life as a CSA.

My life as a CSA.

I was reading my journal to see if there was something, I could share. It was interesting because I was being so honest about my work and home life. I was living in the North end of Seattle not far from the U-District where I was working. It had been my first real job with benefits. I felt like I had hit the big time. Working at Magnolia Audio Video was the highlight of my 20s. I was working hard with a great group that looked out for one another. It was my dream job. I mean where can you find a job that you can watch movies and listen to all kinds of music for most of the day. I remember that everyone was so supportive when I was diagnosed with ADD and was trying to figure out where I had fit it. Actually, for the first time in my life I fit it with a group of people who accepted me. I was lucky to have the best bosses in the world (Paul M. and Rick M.). They actually looked out for me and made sure I had my breaks. I was so happy to order office products and make sure we had everything to keep the store looking amazing. I learned the art of people watching. I mean you would never know if you might see a celebrity from the Seattle area. Uh yeah, I was star struck a few times, but the key thing was acting nonchalant and making sure the customer’s needs came first. I remember when one of my co-workers Carrie C. reminded me that I was young and should enjoy my 20s. I remember she suggested that I at least take a trip outside of the country and enjoy myself. Well Carrie I am doing it! I decided to put my needs first and enjoy myself. I am proud of those years at MAV. They taught me how to be independent and stick up for the underdogs. I always knew my job as a Customer Service Assistant would be a launching point for my life. I began to see myself as an Administrative Assistant, Personal Assistant, or even an event planner. The thrill of making sure that the managers meeting had enough bottled water and snacks was just one of my strengths. I got my first media center, a television for my parents, and a television for myself for just being myself. I have upgraded from my pink iPod mini (affectionately called Hello Kitty) to an iPhone that would have made my coworkers proud. I was a hard worker who loved to go on coffee runs at the local Starbucks. I mean can you balance two trays of coffee drinks and cross the street into a store without dropping them. Yep I was the go get them girl.

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