When you write from the heart that is something special. I am thinking of changing my tagline to "A Journey from girl to woman." Because I have changed a lot in two years. I am reopening my heart to others. It is time for me to show my creative side and be proud of my gift of gab. 🌺

Yes, I know I am skinny and this is my real hair.

Yes, I know I am skinny and this is my real hair.

Did you ever have a point in your life when you were tired of being bullied or looked down upon just because you were different? I spent my 6th grade year learning that I was not an ordinary student. No, I was a misfit among the classroom of bullies and other sixth grade students.

On the daily basis, I would come home sobbing about how my classmates would tease me about my appearance and my name. I knew that the teenage years were challenging… but this was outrageous. During gym class, most of the girls surrounded me and took turns wrapping their wrists around my legs and arms. “Are you really this skinny?” they would taunt me. I have always been small and slender all my life so it was hardly a big deal. Sure, my mom would try to get me to eat just a little more so I would not go to bed hungry. Although that backfired and I tended to lose weight from stress instead of gaining it back. To this day I frown when people encourage me to eat just a little more. I have a small appetite. Always have and most likely, it will be that way for a long time.

The next thing I was taunted about was my hair. At the time, I would have it in long braids and in different designs. I used to think that people were fascinated with the braids and designs. I even had a few people try to reproduce my mother’s beautiful braids. Yeah I thought it was great until they realized that they could not put it back together after they creatively tried to replicate it. Soon I was coming home with my hair undone and my mother would comb through my hair and try to put it back in its interwoven glory. My hair was not typical of my race. It was long and silky. I guess all my food went to my hair instead of the body parts that needed it most. My mom thought a girl’s hair was her crown and so she kept it growing. Little did I know that other’s would pull at my hair to make sure they were not extensions? We did not even know what extensions were in those days. Hmm maybe that is one of the reasons I kept my hair short for a long time. When you are on the receiving end of a braiding session it can be tedious and long. Yep-short hair became my adult style of choice.