Getting older, Reading books, Gadgets, and new hobbies

Week of 04/09/15: Creative Writing

Getting older,

Reading books, Gadgets, and new hobbies

It has been a quiet week. I took a few days off from writing to relax my inner muse. It has also given me some time to think about why I write. I publish some of my old journal entries so people can see what I was thinking in the 2000’s. It also helps me realize how much I enjoy reading and writing. I started reading The Go-Girl Guide by Julia Bourland. Being a late bloomer (a title I hold with pride) I have come to realize that some of the things I went through in my 20s was a product of not feeling them in my teens. So I have figured now that I am in my late 30s maybe I can see or understand things I should have known from my 20s. I hope that by the 40s I will have made up the difference and around 50s I can relax and enjoy the first half of my life.

I am feeling less guilty for not adding categories and tags to my posts. Sure, I would love to be able to label things and say this is what I write about. I am waiting patiently for the day I will have WordPress on my iPhone. So far the Bible and (dare I say it… aw heck might as well) Instagram apps have kept me company during my healing process. I have been enjoying taking so many pictures that I want to share it with my friends who do not have the Apple system. Yes, I learned the hard way that people cannot get on the photo stream if they cannot do not have an Apple system. I was sorely disappointed. Up

until a few years ago when I bought my first smartphone (a LG Android) I thought, I had made it to the technological in-group. I did not care that I could not do selfies or fancy picture taking. I was a happy to take simple pictures and record videos of my son and me. It was great. As I got back to the Northwest, I was seeing all the new gadgets for the first time. Sure, I heard about the iPhone… but boy was I amazed when I heard about tablets and the iPad. I thought wow that looks so cool. I remember going to Best Buy and seeing the toddler size tablet for the first time. I could see my son reading books, taking pictures, and listening to music. Seeing that he had his both his parents taste of technology I thought it would be a great beginner toy for him. He had already figured out how to use my mom’s iPod touch to take pictures and record videos. He used to call my mom’s tablet “the bus” because he could watch the Magic School Bus on Netflix.

ADD and me.

I am feeling better each day. I have began reading more devotions that touch my soul. It is hard sometimes when I feel left behind from my friends and family. I write to people via my blog as a way to say yes I am still here. I wish I could meet Sari Solden and pick her mind about ADD. I want to understand what phase I am. Am I afraid to dream or hope for the future? I don’t know. Maybe I am growing into my own skin. Getting used to living life again. I have kept saying I want to tell my story, yet I don’t know where to begin. There were the days I would seclude myself from reality because I could not feel like I fit in. That is just it. How could I fit in if I don’t know myself.