Happy Easter 2.0

I just wanted to wish you all a Happy Ethiopian Easter.



Easter Memories

It is Easter time in Holeta. The American and Ethiopian holidays events are just a week apart. Several people have been fasting for Lent. It can be very difficult, but for the faithful, it is a remarkable sacrifice between the person and God. We can hear the priests at the local Orthodox Church praying each day sometimes twice a day. One can be impressed even with blackouts how they are able to keep up their worship of God. I think back to Easter 2013 when I decided to rededicate my life to the Lord. After the separation and divorce phase, I thought it was the next move for me. I remember calling my mom in Washington and giving her the good news. I was making this decision for my son and myself. He needed a mother who was strong in her faith. I wanted to believe in someone, someone bigger and stronger than me. I had to have faith that everything was going to be all right. I felt so lost and not sure of myself. For two years, I put aside my family and faith for someone I thought cared about me. At nights, I would write in my journal my deepest thoughts. Why was this happening to me? Was I a good person? Did I deserve any happiness? I worked so hard in my life trying to live up to others expectations. I thought I had found someone who could look past my appearance and deficiencies. That was all I ever wanted. One thing I have come to learn late in my life is that God does not look at our mistakes. He is like a parent teaching His child to walk. The first stage is crawling and getting used to the ground. The second stage is climbing and holding onto things while the mind trains the legs to move. And the final stage is watching His child walk around and explore the world around them. Sure, we stumble and fall, but we shake the soot off our legs and get back up on our two feet.