Monday musing.

It’s Monday and I am feeling alright. I washed my muddy walking shoes to have them ready for the next round. I have been reading some Old Testament books to inspire the fire within me. Joshua was a hero and stood by God. I like that. I need that fire in me to accept things…… Continue reading Monday musing.

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YouTube craving checkmate.

So my friend Alicia tagged me on Facebook for a song called Gold. It was the first time I heard that particular song in a year. I cried and danced my heart out. I miss streaming music and just dancing. Than part of Adele’s Rolling in the Deep and Katy Perry’s Roar. I felt alive!🎶 

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I want to apologize to the WP community. I am reteaching myself to reblog. So if I used any posts without putting an original link I am honestly sorry. I added survivor and blogger to my LinkedIn profile. Yes social media can be my downfall, but it will ultimately record my footsteps in this life.… Continue reading Late night musing.

Traveled a week to the Southern region of Ethiopia. It was worth the several hours of bumpy roads. Has fish and chips similar to Ivars. Smiled of memories of BFF and I eating in Wa. Drank mixed juices from local papaya, mango, pineapple, and avacado. Note to self yummy, organic, and nutritious. Slept in a… Continue reading July Update.

Thought of the Day…

Lately I have been having lots of food cravings.  I have learned that some foods don’t seem to agree well with me.  This whole adjustment can be overwhelming sometimes.

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