Why I changed the name of the blog and update on Molly.

Well as you noticed I changed the name of my blog. It has been 4 years I have started blogging. I wanted a fresh start hence the name Starting Over in 2013 (my other blog I began working on). I kept this one because my mom wanted me to have something from my past still around. So I couldn’t get rid of it. I thought about exporting it to SOI2013, but it wouldn’t do it. I finally thought I should embrace my past and build on it. I post an idea about changing the tagline and has a positive feedback from a fellow blogger.

Also since I was leaving my past Molly had to disappear so with my BFF help I created my alias/author name Sara Gamachu which later became my Twitter name SaraGamachew98. Sara means princess and Gamachew means happiness. So I wanted my return to happiness to actually mean something.

This blog also is my tool in healing my mind because all the stress and anxiety put a block on my memory. Can you believe that?  So the key to removing that block is remembering the happy times.  Before I was a mom and before I met “S”.

I hope my words of wisedom helps someone. I beg you do not be afraid to ask for help. You never know if someone else has been there. They can be your key to survival. I should know.