Dear Charity:When I first saw this post when it came in my direction I liked it. I didn’t respond right away, yet I waited for a time to read it and respond what was on my heart.

I am a young woman who has a heart for The Lord. My biggest struggle these days is taking care of myself and mending a broken heart. 

I am passionate about helping people. I want to use my life experiences to show others you can survive life’s bad experiences. 

My daily routine begins with waking up and deciding to start my day. I figure getting the rest of me ready is important, but just getting out of bed is my daily goal.

These days the joy of my heart is my child. He is a sweet and innocent young boy growing up without his mother. He is the only reason I stayed with his father as long as I did. I miss feeling him in my arms and patting his hand on my face. That soft embrace from my own flesh and blood means the world to me. I hope I will make him proud when I turn this chapter in my life. He deserves a strong and confident mother that can take care of him when The Lord decides on it.