Decided to get my haircut. A friend recommended a place in the Capital. I nervously made the call to schedule a haircut. This morning I got up early for me and got ready. Was this going to be a breeze? Would there be a line? I hope I get a good service.

As I sat waiting for a few minutes for the artist, as my friend called him, to arrive my mom and I discussed the look I wanted. Short, easy look, and stylish. As we saw a picture in the book they had I was like “Yup that’s the one!” It was sleek not short on the back or front. It was perfect.

As I listened to the. Familiar buzz of the shaver my mind went back to my 20s and getting my first bob. I watched as my hair morphed into a sleek back look. There were no comments about my being sure. Just snip, snip, buzz, buzz. I felt as light as a feather. I was me again. After a quick wash and blow dry my former strands of hair to the ground my face was grinning from ear to ear.

The price was just right and the art of hair was amazing! He was an artist and I was a fine vase. Mom was happy beyond belief and so was I.