Have you ever started something and just wasn’t sure how to complete it. I started two writing projects last month and it has taken me this long to complete them. The first one I began writing on my son’s birthday was titled How it All Began. It was the prequel to The Missing Link. I have wanted to tell my story and wasn’t sure how to begin it. I wrote a post about my 6th grade adventure with braids and body image. Someday if I get a chance to publish a memoir I would put all my posts together and organized. I just have to tell myself to relax and just let my thoughts flow through my fingers. Today I am listening to my Soundtrack Genius Mix playing on my phone so it is keeping my relaxed. I forgot how much I loved listening to Disney based songs.

I have decided to email as much posts as I can. I have been wanting to for a while but my Journey blog was not able to do the email option. A few weeks ago I fixed that when I was able to put my full attention to some of my update options. I am still tweaking at some of the customization on my Journey blog. It has been a whole since I was able to update the widgets, but with time it will look even better. My goal is to dedicate a few posts to eating disorders/body image, how stress can affect a person’s whole view on life, and a few other things as my mind comes to them.

My life has been affected by the not so traditional anorexia/Eating Disorder. It has taken me a lifetime to be comfortable in my own body. I went from being super skinny to someone who needs to build her muscles (at present). I was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) in my twenties. It has taken me a few years for me to deal with being different and being okay with it. I was married to a guy who I believe took me for granted. I want to share that it is not acceptable to make fun of someone because of their background. For all you know they might turn around and become something greater than anyone could imagine. Why did I travel to East Africa? That is a question that goes through my mind a lot these days. One main reason was to get my head back in the game of life. I tried to be someone that obviously I couldn’t be. I was a social butterfly who was afraid of her own shadow (that would be the Social Anxiety Disorder part of my life).

When you are on life’s journey there are a several twists, turns, ups, and downs. It is how you roll with it that counts. I for one don’t want people to fall into the cracks and be forgotten by society. I am still challenging myself each day to get up and just make something of the day. Weather it is writing a few sentences and publishing them, or taking a picture and posting it with the question of what the viewer sees. That is probably why I uploaded pictures of birds and other things I see onto Instagram. I am learning to enjoy the natural things in life and go with the flow. It is something I used to do and need to keep doing. Sure I am a natural born people pleaser… but what about me shouldn’t I be pleased with how I live my life? This is how I want to be seen. I want to have a person enjoy seeing a new picture and think wow that is different. I want them to read a post and think wow she may have something.

I guess that is why I have posted under the name Sara Gamachu because I am ready to be seen again. It has taken me the courage to change my name back to Mahlet on my Facebook account. I am not afraid of who I am. If anything I am proud of myself. I am ready to take my place in the world again. I have to start small, but isn’t that what the most famous people did? While I am in Ethiopia I want to learn the culture and give others a few tips to how I learned to be a person who fit into different industries such as retail, office, and general customer service.