As I am writing From Hell to Healing. I felt a part of me just wiping off the scabs from my scars and finally healing. It is a long story about how my life changed. I want to inspire someone because I was once inspired by Katie Holmes. She had the courage to leave a marriage that was unhealthy.

I started this post on Wednesday and now it is Saturday evening. I was asked today what I wanted to be in the future. Without skipping a beat I said a writer. Where would the world be without writers. We communicate ideas to generations. I didn’t say a word about my blog. I felt that it was too soon to mention it. What can I say I am a fish out of water in a new pond. People may or may not understand the way I communicate or network at that. I also have officially decided that I will be changing my name from Sara Gamachew to Sara Gamachu. No more 98 just the name. I want to use that as my writing alias (can’t remember how to spell psysdomn like George Eliot).