Sometime this coming month I will publish my long awaited post about my healing stages beginning with the hell years. Yes that is right it is called From Hell to Healing by @SaraGamachew98.

I have wanted to write my story for a long time. My last post was a behind the scenes to what was going through my mind the last few months as I wrote this personal essay. I have had people suggest to me that I should write an actual book and publish it. Well that has always been my goal for as long as I can remember. My mom, my beloved editor and listener, has been asking me why I have been putting things on my blog and not saving them for a book. Well mother dear the reason is because I want to be able to reach out to people while I prepare my thoughts. My dream is to put all of my posts together in some sort of order and then publish a book. Now I as you can tell I am an armature writer with some big ideas. Thanks to my ADD 😃! Problem is I am restless and not sure where to start. That includes agents, publishers, etc. I pretty much figured blogging would be the writing of my generation. Plus I am too shy (yep that is so true!) to ask anyone where to start.

The following bloggers have been by my blog. I love reading their posts because in a way I can relate to each and every one of them. Like one of them has commented to me that I was part of their community, “Humpty,” you really put a smile on my face that day.


merbear74 🐦



James Scott

For all my friends and family that have been reading and following me on Facebook and other social media. Thank you for everything! The last couple months were tough, but now I am slowly feeling better. I actually admitted to my mother a few days ago that I was not strong enough. I have days when I want to conquer the world… than before I know it the world kicks me down and I have to work my way back up. I have been taking supplements that are supposed to help me with my lovely depression and whatnot. What can I say I am a work in progress. I decided today that for the month of November I will try to get out of the compound and into Holeta more often. A weekend ago I was asked to volunteer at youth training in town. I got to be able to float in between the classrooms and even try my hand on the balance beam demonstration. Not bad for a 30 something. I began to realize that I was able to contribute into the community by just watching and listening to others. While I am trying to regain my trust with people I am doing the same with others. I am also proud to become friends with many young Ethiopians on Facebook. It started with a couple people than grew from there. I have no qualms with that… in fact it is as close as I get to networking within the country. Yeshi you have been the best helping me the past few weeks. I am so glad you can see behind my bad hair days and want to help me grow.

Well that is all for this week. Have a safe beginning of the holiday’s season everybody! Oh and I hope this shows some trust on my end. I have decided to give my email address instead of posting it on my contact page (for now). Call it experimental…. okay here it is! msebhat it might change but for now that is how to reach me. Love and peace to everyone!