I have decided to write in the color green for a few days. Green reminds me of emeralds that is my birthstone. I have just been enjoying the beauty of the trees in our neighborhood. When I see things, it inspires me to write stories about what I see on a daily basis. I would like to just get a lot out of my head, which is getting lighter and better. My allergies are down except on the few dusty days we have.

For those who know me I have had my share of imbalances in my life mainly in the chemical which can reek havoc on my emotions. Well I am recently learning that I am adding hormones to that. Good grief what is it with me and my body. The nice thing is it can explain the fatigue that I have been feeling. I tend to blame that on my Anemia. I have also decided to nickname my depression Misty. Yep I am making use of my nickname that can come in handy. I was chatting with my friend that suggested that it would be a great way to blame when I have my rough days. Therefore, if I talk about Misty you will know who or what that is. I have added Http 5 and Niacin to my daily supplement regimen. It has helped me focus on what I need to do. My writing has come in handy because I have a way to communicate my thoughts. We

I am holding on to From Hell to Healing so I can do a little more editing. Every time I reread it, I find something that just does not look right. Plus I am reading it to my in-house editor (my mom) who helps me make sure I am putting in accurate information plus not letting my impulsiveness go into just publishing it. Love you mom for that! In addition, I have been working on this for a few months and I want it to be readable.

Well that is all for now. Thank you all for the feedback/comments. It is great to see that people are reading this blog. Have a wonderful week and enjoy life! Take every moment as a blessing.