Another try on my letter to fellow blogger oneanna65.

Dear oneanna65:

As I read your words, I feel this kindred spirit between us. I may not have cancer, but I have depression and anxiety. You have given me hope that one can keep going even if the storm is dark and scary. Each day as I wake up and wonder what God has planned for me I turn on my phone to my Bible app for a daily devotion. I pick each study with some kind of precise reason that will help me that day or week.

I read your post about golden bar (My Pain pain.) and thought oh my gosh that is what I am taking right now. I have no idea what it does only that it has been helping me. I guess I got excited that someone else was taking it. My parents are encouraging me to take the natural route to help with my conditions. With addition to my depression and anxiety, I also live hand in hand with ADD and stress related symptoms. There was a time when I would not talk and my support system (mom, friends, etc) thought I might have had a stroke. Well that was over two years ago and I am trying not to go back to that. I hope you do not mind me writing to you. It just feels like the right time to reach out to one of my many favorite bloggers on WordPress. I pray that you are still fighting the battle and taking more energy each day. You have inspired me so much and I wanted to thank you!


Sara Gamachu

Aka Molly S.

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