I am thinking of not posting after I upload the “Healing Heart” post. I want to welcome my readers to look at my other work. Give me some feedback of what is working. I want to write a story of a person living a bicultural life from a third person point of view. I want to post a picture and write a story about what I see.


She came back with a warped personality. She could not remember the last few years. How could she have been a single mother yet married. She used to be a sweet, loving, and trusting. The world turned from being a pearl in the oyster into a dark, murky stream where water tasted like sour bitter candy. Her eyes burned from the pain of a love withdrawn. Did he love her or was it just a status change? Why keep secrets of the past when she was willing to share her future. Life was not normal, yet what was normal? Deep kisses hello and farewell. She never knew normal. She thought this was the process of life. So now, she has taken herself away from everything she has known to learn what this thing called normal.