New place to find me… and more thoughts from the admin. #PrayForParis

That was what my mind said when I found out a new blogging network via Twitter. So it took me a few days, but I am officially on Scriggler. I made my pen name Sara Gamachu and set off on a new adventure. I have already submitted my entry called A Perfect World that I wrote about my small family (S, G, and me). I thought it would be a perfect way for me to start this new journey.

Speaking of which my heart goes out to the people of France, Russia, and Beirut. Many people especially children have been affected by hate. I silently watch the news and wonder what is this world coming to? I nervous when I listen to the commentary from the Presidential elections in the States. The wall they want to build to keep the migrants from coming in that is just terrible. What happened to Lady Liberty and her stand for freedom to all that come to the American shores? Guess where she came from? Our friends in France that is where. I am not even sure whom I am for anymore. Ever since I left “S” I have been trying to just figure out how to survive. That is right people I have joined the survival of the fittest group. I maybe disliked by both parties because I am for life… but I am also for equality. I have friends who are of different lifestyles and no, I do not preach to them saying “God doesn’t like you for your actions.” Are you kidding me? I would be shaking my finger at myself than. When I was sick in Washington and needed birth control guess where I went… Planned Parenthood. I did not want to be judged because my body needed help hormonally. I am happy to give my friends rainbow hugs because they need them. Heck we all need a hug sometimes can I get an amen??? I am the person who comes to the rescue of underdogs and say “It is alright you WILL get through this it just takes TIME!”

In two days, I finished reading Bruce Wilkerson’s Beyond Jabez. It was a wonderful book. I read it like it was the last thing to eat on earth. Yeah it was that good. I had been wondering what my life is here in Ethiopia. What can I do for anyone? When my mom needs help with media things (getting music for her kids that come to learn English or setting up the movies for said kids) I am glad to have something that I can do. I keep thinking to myself if I can just help one person than that is worth it. I am the kind of person that gives her clothes out to the needy (I am not bragging just telling it like it is). I have seen more poverty in two years than I have seen in my life. I remember the days in the shelter when I did not have clothes for my son and I guess where we got token to go to a consignment store that gives back to our local DV shelter. I know what it is like to have nothing but what could fit into a suitcase. When G and I moved into our apartment God blessed us with so much I started giving some to a few of my “friends” from the shelter I mostly gave towels because we were in access. Towards the end, I finally had to stop because I had to think about G and I. If those girls wanted to clean up and get things for their place, I was happy to recommend them to go to Christian Women’s Job Corp. I am afraid a majority of them were the give me type. They would rather live their life thinking about themselves than get help to make a difference in their life.

So that is my post for today. Let me know what you think. Also before I forget I will dedicate a post to how I decided on WordPress and became the blogger that you see today. I have had people ask me how it came to be and can they do it. Well soon I will answer that question and give suggestions. Have a wonderful week!

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