Got my first tweet from Scriggler, Charlie Sheen, and my outlook about current news…

I could not believe it with my own eyes. There on Twitter was a mention about my post on Scriggler! I about cried in shock. I have not really seen the actual tweet, but that was in my inbox. With everything that has been happening lately with Paris, migration, and now Charlie Sheen. My heart was breaking. I was torn apart with most Americans about helping the immigrants coming from the Middle East. I do not want another 9/11, Charlie, or even this whole Paris thing. There has to be a way to check people to make sure we are not hit on the home front. I am not going be the one to deny letting people in for freedom migrations. Gosh, this is a hard one reader.

Today I watched the Yahoo! Insider since they showed the scenes about Paris from the weekend. It inspired me to not watch that show for a day. Well that and the power grid were playing games again. When we did get power low and behold, there was the raid in North Paris with more people. I felt bad for the Muslims who were minding their own business when this was happening. I heard that it has been 10 months since the Charlie incident. Poor France is just having a rough year. How could this be happening this day in age? I agree that this particular militant group is evil. I feel bad for the family that tried to bring this matter with the authorities. It would have saved so many lives had they did something. I just do not understand the young people are just brainwashed into thinking this is a good thing.

Now onto an updated news about a celebrity who we love to watch. Charlie Sheen has openly announced that he is HIV positive. Wow, you did not see that coming! I feel so bad for him. No wonder he has been out of the spotlight the last few years. It can be scary to have that news given to you. I hope that his family and friends will surround him with love and support. I would be the crowd of supporters giving him a hug and telling him that I was praying for him. He had the courage to announce this at his own time and not the tabloids sneaking up on him. Shame on them for invading his privacy! This is not something to make money on. This is a man’s life we are talking about! I hope that in the coming days I see some sort of Sheen family reunion surrounding Charlie. He needs are love and support through the coming days.

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