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When the whole college idea came to my mind I couldn’t see myself in that scene. After high school I earned a scholarship from the writing department. That was when I thought that maybe I could do this. I let myself dream of being a writer of some sort. Perhaps for a magazine or newspaper.

Then I took a class to be a teacher’s assistant. I wanted to help kids falling through the educational system’s cracks. They needed to know that there was hope for them weather they were special needs or ESL they needed to to know yes they can do it!

Then I realized that I needed money to be able to take classes for my AA degree. I couldn’t see myself with a BA, MA, or PhD. I just wanted an Associate’s Degree so I can get a basic job. I had to lower my expectations so I could rise against my fears and discouragements. I wasn’t mediocre. I was just right. So now as I write my blog, read other people’s blogs, and post my thoughts I live up to my dream of inspiring and motivating people. Maybe I’ll get that AA degree someday.

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