Just been reading over a note from my best friend. This has been one of my difficult weeks. Our ultilities has been playing games with us. They go on and off than on again. Than I started doing more of my natural supplements. I am up to 3xs a day with St. John’s Wart and 2xs a day with Niacin. I am just trying my best to stay calm and not stress. Thankfully I am being taken seriously about my hormonal imbalance. Thank God I am on birth control. I am thinking I maybe perimenaposal or something like that. I feel bad that I have mood swings or as I like to call them emotional whiplash.

My brother being a sweetheart has been checking on me a few times today. He is my yin to my yang (I think that is the right expression). Although we argue a lot I know he has my back. These days that is exactly what I need. I am going to miss him when he goes back home. My hope is that someday we can meet up on the other side and just talk about movies or something over coffee make mine a mocha and all will be well. Like I tell everyone that comes and goes please don’t forget me. No matter how much I am a brat to him… he is my brother and I am proud of him. Plus I think the next time someone asks if he is the older one… I will happily say “Yep and I am glad.” (with a four year difference I will give him this one).

So for those of you who might wonder the Pina Colada reference I was asking my friend any advice when it comes to the dreaded dandruff issue I am having. Yes all those haircuts are for a reason. As people here like to call it 404 (that is how it is pronounced). I have come to learn that dry season means it is in the hands, head, and feet. Yeah gross I know. So I am going to find me some coconut oil and try out that advice. I might even show a picture of me in a scarf during my bad dry days. Trust me folks it apparently is not pretty.

For those of you who might like a laugh I was ordering a drink with my dad and brother at lunch this week and I thought this drink Malta was an energy drink. Turns out it was a non-alcoholic beer. I think I ended up with a Fanta or some kind of soda. It has been a few weeks since I got off of Prozac due to pharmaceutical issues. Hence the natural way. Lets see what is going to happen in December. Any ideas how I can keep myself occupied?



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