12/1/15 #100Women: Conforming. One girl’s story.

#100Women: Conforming.

One girl’s story

I was watching a program on BBC about the #100Women debate. Of all the questions I saw the one that interested me the most was about conforming. I felt the need to write a blog post about this. How many women out there has this happened too? I am sure it is more than 100. How many of us had to let go of our own needs and put another person first. I know that I have. Each post that I write is a healing for me because I have a need to speak out for others like me (men and women) who have felt hurt because they have conformed into society’s cookie cut.

Last night I tweeted a holiday greeting to all my friends and followers. Now I have my Twitter account synced to my Facebook account. So anything I tweet goes directly to Facebook. I was surprised that I got a comment so fast after it was posted. Now the comment on the other hand was a little offhanded. The person was commenting that they celebrated Christmas and that it was the holiday of their choice. Now I was a little shocked when I read this. I had heard about people posting comments about things that might seem well a little bit rude. Yes that is a word I rarely use, but folks that was how I felt. So what exactly did I do next? Well I went directly to my blog and wrote a post titled Holidays. I couldn’t just sit there and let someone ruin my tweet even if they were trying to make a point. For the record there are several holidays celebrated in December. In Ethiopia the Orthodox Church celebrates days for saints. In fact today was St. Mary’s day. In America we (as an American) just finished celebrating Thanksgiving. We are weeks away from Christmas which is celebrated around the world. There is the Jewish holiday of Hanukah which is the festival of lights. Also don’t forget Kwanza for the African Americans they light candles too. Those are just a few holidays going on during the holidays season. So when I say “Happy Holidays be safe!” that is exactly what I meant.

I also gave my two cents about the Starbucks situation aka Red Cupgate as I like to call it. Now I am an avid coffee/Buna drinker. During the holidays I love me some White Chocolate Mocha in a Venti cup so I can stay awake through the sales days. Until two years ago I never thought about the politics of coffee in general. I am a Christian, but I do not go up to someone and say, “I can’t drink your coffee because you said HH (Happy Holidays for short) instead of Merry Christmas.” I mean you as the customer can say that to them, but as most companies are not required to say it back to you. I mean you never know what nationality that person can be and dare I say it… what belief system they have. I know that some religions do not even celebrate holidays at all (you all know who you are so no worries from this lady). Anyhow please don’t bust their chops because you never know what kind of day they might be having. I mean Starbucks, Seattle Best Coffee, The Woods, and every café food service you go to. They are people too! You might want to make them smile with the reference from Toby Keith Red Solo Cup style. Trust me it might actually make them laugh.

So that is my story about not conforming. Nice Molly would have kept her mouth shut and smiled (or something like that). Well guess what folks this Molly has something to say and she is saying it. So give your barista a smile and say “Thank you!” Cause we are all people on this crazy place called Earth. Let’s give each other a break this holiday season shall we?

<Cue Red Solo Cup> Here’s to coffee whatever shade, temperature, or form!


Mahlet S.

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