Trying to make up my mind.

As you know my mind changes constantly and that is well just a part of me. I think I will use Starting Over in 2013 as my default blog and A Girl’s Journey Through Life as my secondary blog. I am also going to post my Healing Heart Series on my Scriggler platform. I have to be honest I felt hurt that when I posted my first two entries on my blogs it didn’t get as much feedback as I hoped. I guess that was what I got for promoting something that might not have needed that much promotion.

I have been arguing with my dad about how much I blog. He feels that it is included in the social media world and that somethings are not worth publizing. He would rather I write and than someday publish my own book. We have been going back and forth so much about this for two years that it has become a pain inside of me. Maybe he’s right and that I am wasting my time blogging and should do something else instead. I don’t know readers I am just going back into my insecurity shell and not sure when to come out.

Maybe I should ask for help from other bloggers and get their advice. I surely don’t want to give up on my blogging time. It has helped me more than anyone might know. Being Sara Gamachu has been a waking experience. I could return to A Mother’s Journey Through Life (the original title) and leave it for a month or so. I just want to make a legacy for myself so my son can see who is mother was/is. Do other writers/bloggers go through this phase in their lives?

Mahlet S.

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