Why did I left?

Why I left

By Sara Gamachu

It wasn’t the easiest decision in my life. I left “S” because I felt underappreciated. I remember towards the end of the marriage I asked him why he didn’t compliment me for things I did. His response was why I needed it. The house was getting messy and I wasn’t able to keep up with my work. I had enough strength to keep up with our toddler who was easy and lovable.

Our little “G” was learning the facts of life at an early age. Mommy cleaned and tried to keep things comfortable. Daddy went out to work to take care of things. What “G” also saw was mommy beginning to emotionally shutdown. She wouldn’t argue with daddy. In fact she thought this was life. Daddy made the decisions and she just went with it. That was her job right?

Mommy didn’t know what a normal relationship was until she realized how much she had put up with in her life. She didn’t see the love in daddy’s eyes. She just saw how tired he was. Maybe if daddy had listened to grandma he would have known ahead of time that mommy had more talents than he could ever imagine.

So in a way mommy quit her job as a wife and decided to become mommy again. Even if it meant leaving everything she had put in to start over. The day mommy said goodbye to “G” she was asked by his daddy if she was sure about leaving for this trip. “Yes this is my decision not my parents.” said mommy. She knew that she needed help to find her identity so when she came back to her young “G” he will hopefully understand that mommy needed to be mommy.

Mahlet S.

By Sara Gamachu

I am a person who enjoys writing. I started as a Stay At Home mom and wife trying to find something to do as I was raising my son. Now I am working hard trying to take care of myself.

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