New Email Address.

For those of you who would like to keep touch in real time I have created a new email address for you to contact me with your questions. This way I can answer them via posts or even direct email. I thought it would be a nice change because I have had a few people ask me something and I try to answer as fast as I can. Plus those of you on Twitter (and my followers stats are growing so fast!) they can send it to this email and all positive inspiration will be accepted with a huge serving of gratitude. I read somewhere if you have a positive support group you will feel better faster than most people think. So this is my way of opening the door to communication. Also if you wondered why I decided on calling myself Mahlet/Molly Sebhat on Twitter. I just needed to give myself some room to go back to my open identity. I love writing and communication is rare these days. Think of myself as a person who likes pen pals.

So here is that email address butterflydreams98 ✉

Thank you so much!



Something was incredibly wrong with me. On a dumb impulse I went off on Facebook about a random person giving me condolences about my friend. The thing was the person used the pronoun “she” and I was shocked. Only one person knew about Tina’s passing in Holeta. Then I posted a blog entry about my initial grief. So the next thing I did was remove (not even mute) every person on my friend’s list from Ethiopia that I did not recognize. I don’t blame my ADD or grief. It was just me being very upset. It could have been just a coincidence.

Should I quit blogging altogether? What about social media? I thought I could control my privacy settings. At first I was excited that young Ethiopians wanted to be my friend. What was I thinking? If I know them that was one thing. My parents have warned me about this kind of thing. Don’t say something that you don’t want to come back at you in the wrong way.

What is wrong with me? I came to Ethiopia to get away from the exposure. I was just trying to gather my friends to help me get through this time of my life. I just don’t know anymore. I really don’t know if I will go on with my Healing Heart series… at least not for a while. Not with this negative cloud that has surrounded me. It is not me… I am a nice person who loves helping people. That is who I am. Please someone remind me who I am? My greatest fear is to be forgotten by my friends, family, son, and colleagues. I am not that sweet person I used to be. I am just going through this phase where I am not sure what is going on in my life.