New Email Address.

For those of you who would like to keep touch in real time I have created a new email address for you to contact me with your questions. This way I can answer them via posts or even direct email. I thought it would be a nice change because I have had a few people ask me something and I try to answer as fast as I can. Plus those of you on Twitter (and my followers stats are growing so fast!) they can send it to this email and all positive inspiration will be accepted with a huge serving of gratitude. I read somewhere if you have a positive support group you will feel better faster than most people think. So this is my way of opening the door to communication. Also if you wondered why I decided on calling myself Mahlet/Molly Sebhat on Twitter. I just needed to give myself some room to go back to my open identity. I love writing and communication is rare these days. Think of myself as a person who likes pen pals.

So here is that email address butterflydreams98 ✉

Thank you so much!


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