Brief Christmas Note.

Dear Readers:

I hope that you all are enjoy the holiday festivities. I can picture Christmas parties galore with families and friends. That was what the holidays meant to me spending time with family, friends, and giving gifts. I can remember going shopping and trying to find the just right gift for that special someone. The occasional stops at Starbucks for frothy drinks and pastries that delighted my mouth. I also remember being on the retail side and serving the customers who wanted to find that perfect gift for others. Black Friday meant getting up early and having caffeinated drinks and treats for the staff. Oh the rush of the day getting products out as fast as they came. My emotions were high and positive looking forward to the turn to be the shopper out in retail land. Yes those were the days. 😃

Now looking back I yearn for the thrill of the shopping world. Discounts here and percentage off there. It was wonderful looking for the outfit someone will enjoy. Someday I will return to that thrill and be a part of the Christmas crowd. Drinking egg nog and enjoying buttered scones. Merry Christmas to all and to all a happy night!

Sara 🎁🎄🎅⛄