I created Sara Gamachu before I left for Ethiopia. She was going to be my pen name for my writings that I published on WordPress. I felt like she was the voice to my thoughts on divorce, depression, mental health, and of course myself. Things I couldn’t say Sara could. She was fearless and fierce. She was my inner sphinx come to life.

When I renamed my Twitter username to SaraMahlet I gave her life. I gave her a profile that she could use to give out my inner thoughts. She was a girly girl who loved Chanel, Versace, and all the major brand names. She was smart enough to know the difference between Apple and Samsung. She was someone my little G could be proud of. She was me. By the way it was Twitter that came up with SaraMahlet… I just clicked and said okay!

When I was young I didn’t have a care in the world. I was loving and wanted to be friends with everyone I met. As I got older I was shown the expectations of life and realized that I could not fit in. No not one bit. It wasn’t until my 20s did my mom realize that I had ADD (we might add a H sometimes when I am extremely energetic). I couldn’t keep my room clean… but I sure tried. Soon the word “tried” was suppose to be erased from my vocabulary. “You don’t try just do it!” Yeah I heard that so much that my stubborn trait totally obliterated that whole thing.

When the doctor diagnosed me with the not so typical eating disorder I rolled my eyes. So many have said I was normal… but for once I was told that I wasn’t typical. I would get super focused on things and forget to eat. My social butterflies kept me from having a real life. By then I realized that there was no reality… but what you made life that was the ticket!

Now I am in my late 30s and have left everyone I knew to stay in a place that is as foreign to me as the virtual world was to my parents. Am I enjoying myself? Sure. Is life hard? You bet! Now I just have to grow up and float on my own butterfly wings.

My best friend in the world gave me the name that started it all. “Sara it means princess. You should have been treated like a princess.” I am kind, loving, and caring. Now I am the one that needs the kindness, caring heart, and loving techniques.

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