To all the readers out there in cyber world:

Yes, I am still here. Just been writing and rewriting on different projects here on the laptop. One has gone for 3 pages and the other a few paragraphs. The hint about the first one… Not So Ordinary Life. It is a juicy one. 😃

Gadgets and Utilities News

In other news, I have posted on Scriggler about our lights on lights off. We are currently on off. Yeah it might sound mundane, but try it on a daily or weekly basis. Then let me know what you think. I went a week without my iPhone due to my itchy fingers. That means (around our house) that I pushed a button or option… than oops no more phone. Well what happened was I got annoyed because 10 songs couldn’t come off and get replaced with other songs. Let’s just say I got annoyed and thought hitting the erase and reset would work. Well it erased all right to the point that it set it back to manufacture mode thingy. Thanks to a person here in town that fixed it and reloaded some apps on it. So now, I am gleefully back on the swing of things. Lesson for those out there… when it says erase it actually take everything out not just the annoying things. Lesson learned.

Health Update

Thank you to Sol and T who sent us supplements from Seattle. I have started 2016 with a new regimen. Drop the Prozac replaced it with St. John’s Wart. Then added the Nature Made multivitamin, which has all my minerals and vitamin, needs so that replaces my Niacin, Iron, and a few other things I was taking. Now I am down to my allergy pills and HTP 5 that has helped with my mood swings. So that is what is new on the supplement path. So far, my raccoon eyes (aka anemia) have gone down and my skin has been improving.

Getting in touch with Sara just got easier…

I know a lot of you like to read this blog. From time to time, I get comments here on WordPress and via my social media accounts. Now I have a new way for you to get in touch with me directly. butterflydreams98 is my new email address. You can also find me on Twitter: @SaraMahlet, Facebook: Mahlet S. Negash (just hit follow), and LinkedIn: Mahlet Sebhat.

Thank you so much everyone for reading these entries. If you find me on any of the above social, sites send, me a note letting me know you found be via my blog. It would mean the world to me. In closing, here is a picture I found on a friend of mine’s Facebook timeline. Thank you Liz P.