My phone and I have a funny owner gadget relationship. It tells me I should be content with its lovely features like camera, calendar, clock, and my 7 apps that bring me contentment. Why do you need Facebook Messenger when you have email? Okay I understand WordPress but what about this Viber? It is expensive… Continue reading My phone and I 

Reblog:  Read This If Your Life Needs To Make A Comeback

andriana56, You have given me something that I needed. Steps back to life. I literally left everything behind to heal from a dark place in my life. I feel like I don’t know how to move on. This post has helped me a lot. I hope it helps other people too! Sara  andriana56The pesky thing…… Continue reading Reblog:  Read This If Your Life Needs To Make A Comeback

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Reblog: Murder

Thank you for sharing this. I totally understand how you are feeling. When I have my no energy days I feel like I am not getting better. Two steps foreward and Three steps back. Praying for you as you heal sister! ~ Sara Last night I had a very hard time with dinner and I…… Continue reading Reblog: Murder

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I finshed the story I started a few days ago. I forgot how much I loved reading as a child. The twists and turns each character takes. The love, hate, and emotions in between. I found myself seeing things through their eyes as I dreamt last night. Would I ever find love again? Will my… Continue reading The Moonstone