Okay life is tough. One person’s response is deal with it. Another response is how tough is it? My response is so tough that it hurts my head and gives me a stomachache. Does that sound tough to you? I have been going back and forth with some friends and my family about what I should do while I am healing. I have had a few people suggest that I do some volunteering. My gut said that sounds all right… but right now the rest of me wonders if I could go back to my helping kids’ life.

If you had asked me in my 20s what I would like to do I would have said 1) help kids get through childhood and adolescents without feeling as if they do not matter. My second goal would have been becoming a personal assistant. The thought of helping another person by making his or her life easier made me feel great. It was in college that I learned about keyboarding and Office programs. In fact I was helping my fellow classmates with some of the tricks of the Office trade so it would help them get through the technological transition that was about to hit the world. A few years later, I decided to enter the retail world by storm. No I had no selling experience but I had a feeling being the behind the scenes person was just as good. Within a few months, I was known as “Girl Friday” the kind of title that went to someone who could tackle several phones, seasonal customers, and several A/V and mobile staff all in one shot. It was an amazing feeling that I was not only wanted, but also desperately needed. I amazed customers by carrying out items twice my height and weight with the sweat of my brow. I remember the manager giving the staff the lecture of “Mahlet does not need to be carrying speakers.” It was a great idea to work with warehouse staff that was willing to give me Home Electronics 101 like where things were in the warehouse so I could direct someone to get me such and such thing. Soon I was speaking the lingo and surprising myself that I knew the difference between a media player and mini stereo. Now when I think about as long as it plays music people will love it. It was the same year I got my pink mini-iPod that everyone affectionately called Hello Kitty.

Now 10 plus years later I am rethinking everything that I have learned and discovered. My ADD has taught me that I am restless and curious about everything. My family affectionately calls it my itchy fingers. I love looking up information that might help me out someday. These days I love learning more about my condition (why call it a disorder when it is neurological condition). It makes me feel like my brain is on a speedy freeway, but not sure, where all the exits are so I keep speeding away into the sunset. With the stress of my situation, my once awesome memory can be hazy. This is why I use my trusty calendar on my iPhone.