My phone and I 

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My phone and I have a funny owner gadget relationship. It tells me I should be content with its lovely features like camera, calendar, clock, and my 7 apps that bring me contentment. Why do you need Facebook Messenger when you have email? Okay I understand WordPress but what about this Viber? It is expensive to call from the States so they use an app to keep in touch. I can text pictures and voice messages. But can you update it? Well not really since someone else installed it. So can you install it yourself? Yes but I don’t have the network. Okay so you keep it til you can right? Yeah that is my plan. And that Mesenger? Same thing. You do realize you can’t load anything because of this. Yes. Remind me again why?

Dead silence….

Your right phone why? Why the hassle? People can live a few weeks with just emailing me right? Why do I stoop so low to not get much texts. It is not America where things are at a low price. It costs more!  Plus I am not in the city so broadband is not always there.

So who do you agree with me or the iPhone. 👥📱

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