The Moonstone

I finshed the story I started a few days ago. I forgot how much I loved reading as a child. The twists and turns each character takes. The love, hate, and emotions in between. I found myself seeing things through their eyes as I dreamt last night. Would I ever find love again? Will my strength return? I will wait and see with every page I turn. 🎆

Reblog: Mary Lane: Ghost Hunter

Thank you Mary Lane I needed that!~ Sara 

Ghosting. My least favorite thing about dating in the 2016. What was once widely regarded as unacceptable behavior has now become the norm. Don’t want to see someone anymore? Just cut off all communication and ignore them! Pretend they don’t exist! (Unfamiliar with “ghosting”? Read this blog.) I understand this after one date, or two. There should be…