Well here are the results of my phone and my discussion. I let go Fb messenger because it was a very early version like 4.5 or something like that. I was sad to see it go, but phone said something better will come along. I kept Viber because it was not as outdated as messenger. Plus I was able to stay in touch with my close friends and relatives.👥

Well that is this weeks episode if my phone and I.  When I left my iPhone became my helper and friend. I could take pictures and store memories. We have been through a lot. With my memory in healing my phone has helped me with organizing my day. Thank God for the calendar that keeps me in check. With its software updated I now can see what holiday is when in the States. Like Daylight Savings that is creeping closer. Being a traveler I have to know what time it is in my home state 11 hrs behind zowie! 💢

So join me on my journey through life. Trust me it is never a dull moment! 📱