I am not there… How one visits a developing country
It’s been a few weeks since the utility struggle began. It started with electric/power, moved on to water, and has arrived to networking.
I have estimated the last syncing of my email date to Feb 29th. Yeah that is a long time. Folks here remind me that this is not irregular. Try to explain that my son and I can’t visit because of this. Now you explain to a 5 year old that mom is not able to see him. With my luck he may shrug it off…hopefully.
So no Twitter, Facebook, or Viber for me. I just have gmail to keep me in the loop. It is an adventure for me to be offline for this long. Big thank you to my bestie for allowing me to vent about this journey.
Think of me when you have Mexican food and yummy clam chowder. I have been pork-free for this long. I’ll take the Jelly Belly’s to go in a triple large container with a side of Carmel if you please.

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