Dear Reader:

I began my morning with some bouncy music. I needed a pick me up with all that is going on around here with the utilities. Yesterday I made a list of things I wanted to do this week. I figured sometime around Saturday I will have checked off a few things. At least that is my goal.

I miss being able to communicate my thoughts to you all. Being off of Twitter and Facebook is quite intense. I guess it was a choice given to me so I can learn to enjoy the real world. LOL that is my life for you. For those who communicate with me via Viber we are doing okay it is the network that seems to be giving off bad vibes (pardon the pun). So my social networking days are on hiatus. Have mercy!

A few weeks ago I noticed that @Opinionated Man began following me on Facebook. That is so awesome! I was thrilled to see that. He is one of the bloggers that I enjoy reading. He is quite a character and makes me feel pretty cool. He also is an inspiration to give the reader a variety of choices in reading. As of this month I have over 1,000 followers on Twitter. The numbers keep on growing daily. I am so glad to be part of a growing community of bloggers that promote their works on the intergalactic network that we call the internet.

I have continued my reading of Jesus Calling by Sarah Young. The words are so inspirational for me when I am having a tough time with my healing. Being secluded in a way is a very tough experience. I can be a prickly cactus sometimes when I am moody. My family can vouch for that. And it is not just hormones it is more than just that.

Well that is all for now I will pop in whenever I can. I will not be silenced! Ha-ha.


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