So much to write so lets get started. End of March going into April.

Okay so I am few days early… but this is no April fool’s day post! I went to a skin doctor who has given be a few new ideas about how to deal with my dermatitis. There is a full name but it was way too long. This is something I will have to deal with forever (imagine my shock folks!). Then he asked the question… “Have you looked it up online?” I admitted that I tried to Google the symptoms but so far got ringworm and red scales. Not very promising. He showed us a picture of a man with similar symptoms. Not very pretty. So our family day out took an interesting turn with heading to a pharmacy for the treatment to be mixed and made.

As far as the utilities things are going up and down so nothing really knew except if we are prepared to charge things we have it ready at all times cause you never know when it will come on again. Huge improvement from a few weeks ago. We actually went near where the transformer blew up. Yep you read it right. See around here when the rain comes the lightning can hit the transformer. I have started a new saying, “The rain comes and the transformer shakes in its cable boots!” This is not the first time this has happened and trusts me it will not be the last time. So we are continuing praying for patience because it is a very hard thing to struggle with.

My phone and I are doing a standoff about this Viber app. Well actually, I agree with my phone because it is getting to be tough. I have not actually used the program in about a week or so. It was installed a month ago and yes, I know I raved about how I was getting in touch with people and enjoying it. Well when the server went down for some reason it told me that the password I entered was on locked. I thought great this is just what I needed. Than this week, I heard that most iPhone in the area were having similar issues. This was after a few weeks of not being able to get online. Now my phone looks at me with its puppy dog display asking for some pity. Yes, I probably sound a little nutty with this whole thing, but what can I say I am learning the word simplify. When I had been hearing all these news about things going down I was incredibly bummed. When I am in the city (Addis) things worked. I was even able to get my email on my phone. Then I realized when I got home that it went back to its not really working. So I decided to not type emails except when I could on Google, which for some reason is allowed (knock on wood).

For a while I thought I would stop blogging all together or at least take a break until something came up. Then I started making a list of things I have learned since I have been in Ethiopia. I have over 10 things so far. I am proud to be an Ethiopian American. My mom tells me that most people are envious of my being outside of Ethiopia. They may not say it… but they think it. I have let it go when most people drop the American part… but I generally let them know that I am proud of where I grew up. I had the opportunity of getting a good education. Yes, I do know more Western history than Ethiopian history. What surprises them is that I knew about Adwa, which is when the Ethiopians fought the Italians out of Ethiopia during the World War. I have followed the culture and news from a long distance. I mourned when I heard about the famine (which is still going on!) Just the fact that the two countries that the UN is looking into are Syria and Ethiopia (in that order according to SIM) is amazing.

My bucket list for my time visiting here includes going to Bahadir that is a city near Gondar and visiting my mom’s hometown of Dembi Dolo. I have always wanted to place a rose on my grandmother’s grave in honor of being those going through domestic violence. She was and will always be my hero because she raised my mother and her brothers despite a very unhealthy relationship with my grandfather. My grandmother always prayed for her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. I remember the day that I got the news that she died. I was beside myself a month after my marriage to Sam. It was a few weeks after Thanksgiving when my family and I had our first holiday with Sam. I think he may have been surprised that we were not the typical African American family that he thought. My mom was sharing memories about her mom and her visit to Washington. That trip had her all over seeing all of her kids. I love you Hadda Terfa may you RIP!

So I am going to close with my hopes for the spring season. 1) Be more honest and be ready for all comments. 2) Keep on writing and post them when I can. 3) Don’t give up even when struggles get hard keep on trying. 4) Email friends how much they mean to me. 5) Keep hoping and praying for safety for everybody in the world. 6) Feel less guilty when I know I am not in control of life. 7) Keep reading Jeremiah 29:10-14. This has been a verse that my mother gave me when I first got here and my mind cleared from the fog of 2013. I challenge readers to give me their thoughts on that one. 8) Listen to music and dance like nobody is watching. 9) Write a gratitude/hope list. 10) Hope for the future and move to the beat of my heart.

So what are your hopes for this spring?


Sara Gamachu

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