Coming showers

With rainy season creeping closer each day I wonder how many people prepare for the coming months. I am sure umbrella sales have grown with boots climbing along with that. I than wonder about those who might not have homes to shelter them. What about those who are now shading themselves from the suns beating.…… Continue reading Coming showers

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1/30/16 Wanted

Wanted: The feeling everyone wants to experience1/30/16 The last few days I have been going through my mind whether to take a writing opportunity that I was offered. Because of the language barrier, I was afraid that I would not be able to do it. I was discouraged because I could not keep up with…… Continue reading 1/30/16 Wanted

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Laughter is a great medicine. You gave that to me. A listening ear during my hard times. You gave that to me too. I had 2 people give me their blessing to make this trip. Do whatever it takes bring back our Molly. So Jaime and Jenny this is for you. Your words of comfort… Continue reading For my closest friends of mine.


I was in church today and the guy up front mentioned it was greeting time. He said something about Australia and my mind wandered a bit. 🌏 Boy I would love to visit Australia. See the kangaroo and kuala. My mind eye saw the Tasmanian Devil hunting around. Yep I was a Loony Tunes fan…… Continue reading 4.10.16

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