Won’t give up. Must keep trying.

That was my status line on my main gmail account on Hangout. I was not going to let things bring me down. I accomplished a lot on the first day of April. Like preparing to replace Viber with apps I wanted. The catch was a few worked in my area.

I deal with stress and anxiety everyday. It’s a hidden condition that nobody would guess I had. I might seem dramatic, but wouldn’t you be if you struggled with this? I take no drugs just supplements. I choose to disclose this because I don’t like people giving me your normal look. I shake, stutter, and do my best to live. I try not to let a emotional whiplash rule my life. I was diagnosed with a PTSD before my life changed. I dealt with it the best I could.

Now 3 years will have gone by next month. Since I left the South to return to WA. I do it for my son. He might not remember me from the past. I want him to know his mom smiled and was happy. He is my jewel and I love him to bits. That is why I do my best and change things. So someday he will be proud of me.

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