I was in church today and the guy up front mentioned it was greeting time. He said something about Australia and my mind wandered a bit. 🌏

Boy I would love to visit Australia. See the kangaroo and kuala. My mind eye saw the Tasmanian Devil hunting around. Yep I was a Loony Tunes fan of the wild animals. 🐾

It had been a while since I watched my favorite cooking shows. When they discontinued the station in the satalite I was sad. 5 pm was Masterchef and My Kitchen Rules hours. Watching Manu Fridel judge with such precision was inspiring. It made me want to try new foods and styles. The trio judges on Masterchef were awesome. They made healthy organic food look so tasty. The contests were adventuresome in some breathtaking locations. It made me want to travel and eat guilt-free.🍴