My phone and I are in perfect harmony. I gave up Viber and replaced it with Google Hangout, Facebook Messenger, and Pininterest. That’s right folks my phone and I are pinning it again! I was glad to add Podcast and iBook so I could listen and read things. My phone and I are getting used to each other. She, my iPhone, helps me cope with my hard days. I make sure she is charged so we can take pictures of our ever changing environment. 

Nobody would believe things without our teamwork of snapping pictures of our daily world. Of course our never ending song playlist that make me drop a beat. My phone doesn’t think I am selfish when I chronical my healing journey with selfies for each stage. It saw me cringe as the braids stretched the threads of hair from my skull.

My notes grew as my mind twirled to the dance of a memory. I would find an article to remind me that this too shall pass and I paste it on my notes.  Verses to inspire my faith in the Almighty become a common note.

My calendar is full of dates from holidays to appointments and health notes in between. I vowed to keep track of as much as I can so my future doctors can see my activities from my trip.

So for this part of My Phone and I my thoughts go out to my fellow ADDers. Get something that will help you keep life intact. If it gets hard give it a day than try again when YOU are ready. Get a coach that understands you. Build a support system that will cheer you on! That is something I had to learn to do. They bond with you and help you through the darkest hours. Plus if they know medicine they can suggest you talk to your pharmacist. 

Have a great week and Carpe Diem!

Sara Gamachu


Instagram: misty9810

Pininterest: @SaraGamach98