Taking off the healing bandage.

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Yes all I am still here. I took a blogging break due to writing block and needing a mental pause on life.

I even stopped my writing project about my Extrodinary Life that I started in January. I have had stomach issues related from tension that has wiped me out. The rainy season has not been continuous so my body was not taking it well. Waking up with the chills is not fun. Down right annoying. The best part is I am on new medicine that gives me energy and stamina. My hormones have been in check and helped by this one. I am feeling much better.

I started reading The Message version of the Bible. It is like getting the whole picture and understanding it. I also got 4 classical books on my iBooks library. I am reading The Scarlet Letter. Oh my gosh it speaks to me. I can relate to Hester.

Finally I feel like I am starting my life over.

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