Deadicated to Gideon. You are my pride and joy.

Your mom

I just saw a notification from WordPress about my anniversary! Five years of blogging. Wow! I started this blog to journal my life being a Stay At Home Mom juggling my new lifestyle. I posted a rare picture of my son looking out the window as his dad drove to work. It was also my way of expressing the inner thoughts of my life.

When I separated from his father, I left my writing days as I stayed in a woman’s shelter with my son. The silence mask I wore in my 2 year marriage hid the scars of emotional and verbal abuse. I was living in a city far from home with nobody to turn to. In my state of shock from stress and anxiety I packed a weeks worth of clothes for my son and I.  It took 3 long months to find a place to start over. I had to work hard to prove I was still a mother who could continue to take care of her child even in difficult circumstances.

Now 5 years later I am writing my story and getting my feet wet in the blogging community. I am a long distance mother who prays for the safety of her guys. Hoping someday to look back and smile at each milestone she makes.