I tend to repeat myself a lot. I tend to put a post on both my blogs. That way it can get a larger audience. You can tell my personality from my words. I hate bigotry in all its forms. I have a sponge trait everything goes in and hard to push it out. When I see a child lying in on cold concrete I want to put a blanket over them so they don’t freeze. I know I am a rare kind of person. Some compare me to an angel. Provoke me and you see a very defensive woman. I hate bullies they are the rudest people in the world. They put you down to cover up their own insecurities. As far as my political stand I am an unregistered Liberal. They are looking out for the little people. When I was separated the strong suggestion was get on State assistance. Not thinking I would get it. Low and behold I qualified for it. Thank you President Obama for looking out for me. I want people to search their hearts. Would you help someone or let them freeze?