When life gives you lemons make lemonade.

After a lot of thinking I am going to do one more post via my IOS app. I started working on it this week. It is already cooking in my creative mind. I feel like everything I write is Creative and Inspiring. Also I want readers to choose to read it by the title not just the tags. If they like it they can share it with others.

I have seen my subscribers and followers grow rapidly. I guess my weblog (as some call it) has made fans out of people. I decided that each hit/view is a blessing. I haven’t shut down my social media or blogs because I feel it’s my way of changing the world. Plus who knows maybe Sara Gamachu will be the next big thing.

A closing personal note. I have had a few months to get my feet back on the floor per say. I have been told that I am improving greatly. To my family I am not mad at any of you. I hope I can let go of my past strings to make a new beginning. I just need to work on my self confidence.

Alan you hurt me really bad. Your last message hurt me worse. I can’t express in words why I haven’t responded. Just know I have given you the best of me, our son.

Sara with an "a"