When I heard that Justin Timberlake and Will IAM from the Black Eyed Peas were doing a remake of this popular hit I was ecstatic! In this world we need something positive to knock out the negativity and hatred. I have watched less news because of the wars and election speeches that just seem to go in various directions.

I have yet to hear about education except from Bernie Sanders. We need to wake up and build the future for the next generation. Tone down the he said she said. What about healthcare, the environment, and protection for the PD/FD/and medics. Folks I have seen a world where proper medical care isn’t available. It is not pretty. We need more help in mental health field for veterans, survivors, and their families.

Is the world competing in a popularity contest? How about unifying and not judging. People are fleeing countries to just feel like human beings. With understanding and respect we can change history. I learned a few weeks ago at the church I am attending about missions and how they are reaching out beyond the regional/racial and belief boundaries. I was agreeing and nodding my head.

It made me wonder what Jesus would do if he was here. I can see Him lifting up migrants from the boats. He would be caring for the children in the Middle East scarred from terrorist. He was right there covering the victims and survivors from Orlando Pulse shooting. He is cleaning their wounds and wiping their tears. I can see him doing all of this in love.

So I ask you today where is the love?