I have taken sometime for feeding my soul. Reading the Bible has been incredible. All the familiar heroes, women, prophets, and judges are returning to me. As I read the scenes come to life in my mind. I cry with Jeremiah and charge ahead like Joshua. The prophets of the Old Testament spoke to me through their words. I felt like they were teaching me lessons about myself.

I am feeling the familiar strength returning inside of me. I felt God calling me His own. I admit the hope inside of me is similar to a mustard seed. During my hard days it fights the darkness to survive. Than when each battle is done it builds a fire to remind me it is still there. That fire keeps me going even through the storm.

I began writing a personal essay about bullying. It was something I felt needed to be addressed. My heart says treat others as I want to be treated. I want people to know that words hurt! Just as much as sticks and stones. Only this takes lives more and more each day. I should know. It’s one of the inner battles I deal with.

So as we enter the end of September lets see how we can change with the season. You never know what a simple thing can do to change the world or even history