Today we reached two apps that kept eluding us. I was highly disappointed that Spotify only worked abroad for 14 days. So I transferred it to my laptop and kept Jango for now. My mom’s friend encouraged us to get Line. Now that I have it we shall test to see if it works in my area as well. Whats App has been doing well just need to test the calling capacity. Viber works in the city and certain areas.

As my bestie knows I get annoyed when u can’t email or message out. She reminds me that it’s okay and connect when and where I can. For now I am really content with what I have right now. Next time I am going to try to install a few games. Work and no play can be tough with healing. I have a thing for trivia and memory games. Plus the Bubble Burst helps my eye and hand contact. I have wondered about the Angry Birds. Yeah I am old school, but learning to work my way back.
That’s all from Sara and the phone. Got some suggestions tweet or email me. I love networking. 🙂 Till next time tech ninja out!