It is almost the end of 2016 and I have 3 more years till I turn 40. I am hoping that my working out will have me standing again. In 2016 I had my share of challenges from my flaky head to my tender tummy. My yoyo weight that makes me feel funny. Yes I eat small portions it is not that weird. So my long arms and legs keep me balanced. Yes I lost some pounds trying to be normal.

I ate some amazing pizza that reminded me about the days of Pizza Hut and Dominos. Thanks to my brother I got some Crystal Light Fruit Punch flavoring for the water I am suppose to drink. I dream about Mr. Pibb and Dr Pepper from my past. All those taste memories sporadically show up in my mind. I traded salsa and nachos with kebe (butter) and beberay (spice). Mix them together and I have a calming treat with bread. With friends bringing us chocolate from the States I indulge on the sweets that help ease my memories.

The hardest part was lowering my expectations so I wouldn’t be hurt when things come up that I never see coming. Mentally I felt so much stronger in December. I realized how much words can hurt me. You know that saying, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words won’t hurt me”. I would love to have a word with the person that came up with that one. Excuse my language but that is fucked up. It took most of this year to get over the teasing I endured during my last relationship. I have been told that I can’t take things seriously like jokes.

What I would like to see for myself in 2017? I want to be happy and healthy. Other resolutions go up in smoke within the first few days. So I plan on taking things slow and try not to go all Type A with things. I am positive that stress is behind my flakes. So trying to be content with life is a big priority.

Feel free to tweet me at @SaraMahlet with your comments and I will see them in my inbox. I want to thank Google for my email account. They have been my source of information when things have been down. Also the folks at Twitter for allowing me to express myself. Hoping to get back on that when things progress again. A finally a huge thank you to all my readers and subscribers. You have made me a feel like a superstar this year. You totally rock!

Want to send a message to me in real-time find me on WhatsApp username: @SaraMahlet (just like on Twitter). I will begin looking at my spam comments when I can. I have more than 100 comments pending on both my sites. So thank you for your patience and let’s make 2017 a better year!