January 27, 2017

3 years and over 400 moments later I returned to the Path platform.  I realized it was something simple and inspirational when I was starting my life over. I needed something different in case the popular platforms became unavailable. Wow was I ever right on that. It works with my IOS and kept me feeling refreshed. 

This is the real me and I hope the world is ok with it. If not that is alright there are others ready to pat my back and encourage me to go for my hopes.  I don’t smile open teeth much. I feel comfortable with my top row than my bottom. I feel good rather than great. I say I am alright when I want to say beautiful. I feel better rather than worse. My words and mind are powerful though my image can be slim. That is ok because we all have body image issues. Why slam me if you haven’t been in my shoes. Take a day in my life and let me know how you feel. I am not who I was no no I am who I feel today.  The unfamiliar dry sun cracks the skin and leaves a line in its way. I would rather wear a hat to keep off the rays.

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