Daily Prompt: Translate

As I travel I find signs written in English/Latin letters but pronunced differently this was my introduction to the Oromo language.   I have began to recognize some words and ask my parents for others.  I realized if I sound it out I might be able to pronounce it easier.  The Quba written language is taught to students in school than they switch to Anharic the primary language in Ethiopia.  There are several languages spoken in my native land each corresponding to the region people live in.  I can translate basic Amharic words into English so I can understand.  Just figuring out the opposite is the challenging part.  


Sharing:  This Is How Someone With Anxiety Falls In Love

This describes me so well. ~Sara

unsplash.comSomeone with anxiety falls in love the way you do – instinctively, quickly, often easily. The only difference is that while they’re falling in love, their brain is also coming up with a million different reasons why this is also terrifying and dangerous and so easily broken. Someone with anxiety falls in love slowly. And…